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Welcome to Studio ghbarratt

Hey Folks! Glad to see you are ready to explore my artistic creations.

I am always curious to know what others think of my artwork. You can now rate my artwork! Please do! You can leave your comments and website too if you like. Just go to the artwork area and start RATING! Thanks!

The amount of artwork that I have featured online in the past has been "limited" in my opinion. I am hopeful that there will be less restraints on the quantity of works I display here. The greatest benefit to featuring my work here is that I have complete control of it, since I created the database and website myself.

The main areas of the site can be entered into using the links to the left. Each area has its own "main links" which will appear at the top (to the side of the tab of this content area).

This website is "stretchy" (unlike TOO MANY portfolio sites I have seen) so make the window big!


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Cindy 3
Type/Status:       ill/color
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Started: 26 Jul 2007
Finished: 03 Aug 2007
Added: 08 Jul 2007